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Spenden Aktion Covid-19
Free Food Donation / Charity / Solitarity

Everyday they make 🍚 Free Food Donation 🍲

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Monday in M2M Bar

Monday, 22. June  2020  / M2M Bar 

Monday, 22. June  2020  / M2M Bar 

M2M greatly appreciates the generous donations toward providing meals for those in need.

We will continue to help those in need for as long as these closures continue.



If you stay at Pattaya / Jomtien, for donate, contact directly M2M team manager.

Let's all hope we can soon start serving drinks again instead of the badly needed free meals

Monday, 15. June  2020  / M2M Bar 

Monday, 08. June  2020  / M2M Bar 

Monday, 01. June 2020 

Thanks Ron Langham for your donation this week towards feeding all those people still without work and income .

27. June 2020

Saturday  @Home Bar

Today was the last free food giveaway for local Thais disadvantaged by the Covid-19.

Big thanks for all donations from our friends at @Home Bar and a big thanks to all the staff who have given up their time to help us supply free food.

Hopefully see you allow i Wednesday when wie're reopen the doors. Xx

Pictures from Saturday 27. June 2020

Pictures from Saturday 20. June 2020

Pictures from Saturday 13. June 2020

Pictures from 06. June 2020

Pictures from 30. May 2020

Pictures from 23. May 2020

Thursday Cocka2Bar at 3pm

Thursday, 04. June 2020

Thursday, 04. June 2020

Many thanks to the generosity of Frank (Holland), Lars & Ann (Swedish), Wayne (Australia) and our silent donators (Welsh and American) for their generous donations today. Thankyou

Cocka2 wants to thank all donators over the past 3 months for their kindness and care, I believe only you know how it is really here in Thailand, when many do not recieve any government assistance, unlike our own countries .

Cocka2 Bar will now stop recieving money for donations, but happy to forward on to others that are continuing .

With all the crap that's going on in the world at the moment its great to see people really helping others.


Thursday, 21. May 2020

Thursday 12. may 2020

I wish to thank the good people that have donated money for food and drink today , also many thanks to Cocka2 Bar staff and friends for giving up their time in preparing the food packs , all 250 food packs .

Wednesday in Sun Bar 

Wednesday, 03. June 2020

Today menu แกงเขียวหวานลูกชิ้นปลากราย at 14:30

Sun Bar

Heute Menü Green Curry mit Fischfleischbällchen um 14:30

Sun Bar

Friday, 29.May 2020

Today’s menu ผัดพริกหยวกไก่
14:30 at Sun Bar

Das heutige Menü rührt gebratenes Hühnchen-Chilli
14:30 im Sun Bar

Wednesday 20.May 2020

Friday, 15.May 2020

It was wonderful to see so many people smiling and being grateful for the meals we provided.

4-T in turn would like to express their gratitude to everyone for their kind comments on both Face Book and in person about the work we did.

This Friday, May 15, will be the last day of free food from the 4-T Bar. It has been a great rewarding, but exhausting endeavour.

What started out at only about 100 meals quickly rose to over 550 of restaurant quality meals thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Joe and Tee would like to express their heart felt gratitude to the superb volunteers, who willingly gave of their time to prepare, box and hand out the meals.

To our many donors, both here in Pattaya and from abroad who supported us. You made this all possible. THANK YOU XX

When this pandemic is over and the bar is open again, we hope to see you enjoying your favourite drink at the bar. Until then please stay safe and healthy.

Love from 4-T Bar.

Tuesday, 28.April 2020

Wednesday BuBu Bar

Free food in the BuBu Bar Jomtien

Mittwoch, 06.May 2020

01.04.2020 / 08.04.2020 / 15.04.2020

Tuesday in  DOLCE VITA  

Tuesday, 05. May 2020

Dear guests and friends,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your GREAT SUPPORT for our Food campaign.

We @ Home Bar, Cocka2Bar, M2M Show Bar and Dolce Vita Bar & Restaurant have distributed around 12,000 portions of food with our call since the first day and in the past few weeks there have been more and more bars, such as 4T-Bar, Sunbar , Question? Bar, Palace Bar, BC Bar, BuBu Bar, Dicks Cafe das Jupins Restaurant, Poseidon Restaurant & Hotel (Heiko & Bart) and many more Connected or distributed food to the people on their own. THANKS THANKS to all sponsors, the bar or restaurant managers and to the many helpers who not only helped with money but also with active support.

Due to the new situation that I can now open the restaurant again, I will now withdraw after almost 6 weeks and 12000 meals to take care of my business.

I gave ALL REST PRODUCTS such as food, packaging, water, etc. to the other bars for further processing.

If there are still funds on the way, I will pass them on to the other bars.

I ask for your understanding and refrain from stupid comments, you can try to get it on your own, I can tell you it is a LOT OF WORK but I enjoyed doing that!

So again a big D A N K E !!!

Tuesday, 28.April 2020


Monday & Friday  4-T BAR

13.04.2020 & 24.04.2020

Total meals distributed today = 340. As always this could not happen without the generosity of our supporters. Thank you


Sunday  The Palace

Thai help Thai, free food at Jomtien

Friday, 10. April 2020

Thursday in Sun Bar

New organisation. Sun Bar do food every week 3 times on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. You welcome.


Heute haben wir 220 Kisten Reis gemacht.

Thursday in Cocka2Bar

Tuesday, 09. April 2020

Thursday 9 , Cocka2 Bar will be happy to give the local Thai's free food package's and water.

As a whole, the complex bars cater over 4 to 5000 meals a week, for the Thai's that are jobless or have a very low income due to the current situation. It would not of been possible if not for all the donations bars have recieved from various people locally and internationally .

A huge thankyou to those that have donated money .

Sunday and Monday At Sun Bar

06. April 2020

🙏 Thank you to all Donators 🙏

❤ And Thank You So Much to all Thai people working so hard everyday to offer Free Food 🍚
Herve Clavel's Team : Tikkie Tiknoi, Nro Net and Suy Ti
Staff from Sun Bar, Question Mark Bar, QM2.0, @Home, 4T Bar, Dolce Vita, Yupins, BubuBar, Sabudyum, Big Kiss Bar, M2M, SWING, Cocka2Bar
And to Tan, Ket, Pong From The Palace
🙏❤ ขอบคุณมาก ❤🙏


Today and Tomorrow (5 and 6 April)

🙏 Free Food Donation 🙏
at Sun Bar in Jomtien Complex
For all the people who do not have work and no more salary

Monday, 06.04.2020

Today we have made the foods for the people who have no job no money at this moment totally 200 boxes... I appreciate that Khun Herve THE ONLY ONE SPONSOR support for the money and can buy ingredients for all people... Khun Herve big boss for foods 🥰

Sunday, 05.04.2020

Das heutige Menü. Auberginen rühren mit 225 Schachteln Hackfleisch. Bereit kostenlos an alle zu verschenken. Falls jemand Interesse hat, kann man es selbst im Sun Bar Jomtien Complex abholen.


Saturday At Home Bar

More food for local Thais provided by @Home Bar today.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to make this possible.


Thursday Cocka2Bar

Free food for FOOD FOR THE BOYS in the Cocka2Bar


We prepare the green Curry for today at the cocka2bar


Liebe Gäste und Sponsoren,

hier habe ich nun die ersten Fotos von unserer Spenden action "Food for the Boys".

Wie alles neues hat es auch bei uns am ersten Tag, kleine Komplikationen gegeben, wo wir aber dran arbeiten.

Eines der Probleme war die noch fehlende Absprache mit den anderen Bars.

Morgen gibt es das nächste Essen "Food for the Boys",
dann haben wir den Food-Stand an der Cocka2Bar.

Gestern sind über 300 Essen und 300 Wasserflaschen verteilt worden.



Aufruf vom 28.03.2020


Sun Sun Bar

ขอบคุนผู้ใหญ่ใจคุณอาวี เช่นเดิม และคุญเดวิด และคุณโตโต้ Dolce vita สนับสนุนข้าวสารและไก่ วันนี้เรามีแกงพแนงหมู เพื่อให้แจกจ่ายให้กับพี่น้องในซอยจอมเทียน
สามารถเรียนเชิญได้เลยครับที่ร้าน Sunbar

Vielen Dank an die jungen Erwachsenen und Mr. David und Mr. Toto Dolce Vita unterstützt Khaosan und Hühnchen. Heute gibt es Schweinefleisch Curry zum Verteilen an Brüder in Soi Jomtien.
Du kannst mich im Sunbar Shop einladen.

Liebe Gäste,

mir ist Bewußt das es nach diesem Posting viele unterschiedliche Meinungen geäußert werden.

Jeder der sich nicht daran beteiligen will, soll doch einfach nicht darauf Reagieren! danke

Nun zu meinem Aufruf:

Durch den Ausbruch von Corona auch in Thailand, kommen immer mehr unserer Boys in absoluten Schwierigkeiten. Keine Urlauber, keine Bar offen nun geht es los das sich die ersten Boys noch nicht einmal mehr was zu Essen oder zu Trinken leisten können.

Nach dem die Sun Bar und auch die Question Bar vom Jomtien Complex angefangen haben für die Boys täglich ein Essen und Trinkwasser KOSTENLOS zu verfügung zustellen, habe ich heute auch den ersten Schritt gemacht und Essen sowie auch Trinkwasser gesponsert, dieses habe ich heute an Sun von der Sun Bar weitergegeben der dieses nun verarbeitet und an die Boys KOSTENLOS verteilt.


Wer von meinen Gästen würde sich mit einer Spende für Essen oder Getränke mit daran beteiligen, so das die Jungs auch weiterhin immer etwas zu Essen haben.

Gerne nehmen wir Trinkwasser in den kleinen Flaschen, Reis oder Geld als Spende an.

Dieses wird dann innerhalb der Bars an die Boys verteilt !

Wir und die Boys werden euch dafür danken.


Vom Dummen Kommentaren bitte ich abzusehen !

Vielen dank für eure Aufmerksamkeit